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3 Javelin Throwing Myths You MUST know!
javelinthrowrunup100Discover the answer to 3 javelin myths that are fogging up your brain regarding javelin training. Read this article to get some information you can trust once and for all.


This type of training for Javelin can make YOU throw a Long Way!
javelinthrowcore100Discover how to start training so that it transfers directly to your javelin throw. Training using this method can help prevent injuries, strengthen your entire body and help you throw much further. Learn 3 instant bonus exercises for javelin throwing right now.


3 Pivotal Tricks for Longer a Javelin Throw!
javelinthrow101Find out how to engage the key abdominal muscles for big throws. Understand how to fine-tune your mind for bigger throws and finally, try this quick and easy pre-competition trick to make your javelin feel like a feather. Get 3 quick secrets you can use right now!

Do this to Skyrocket Your Javelin Throwing!
As if javelin training wasn’t already easy enough! All you have to do is go in your backyard and do this and you’ll become a world class competitor at this track and field event! Well, maybe not quite but, it’s not far off…

Explosiveness Training for Javelin Throwers: Part 1
javelinthrowpowerFinally! An javelin throw article about explosiveness! Find out how to train so you can rip it into the atmosphere! Get THE hardcore explosive tips right now for your very next javelin throw !

Add 5m+ to Your Javelin Throw Overnight!
Read how after just 1 practice, the thrower I was working with added 5 meters to his PB in a competition 2 days later by taking advantage of the technique discussed in this article! Exercises, physics laws and visualization protocol for this technique are all discussed in this article to help you add big distance rapidly.

javelinthrowjavelinsWe all love it and it’s why were all here. The 4 basic phases of a javelin throw are discussed and summarized in this article. Whenever you’re struggling with your throwing motion, just come back to the basics and you’ll likely find the answer to your javelin throwing questions.


Bombproof Your Lower Back for Javelin With 1 Exercise!
This is the javelin exercise of the century!
•It helps offset the incredible loads on the spine from the abs and hip flexors
•It helps you handle those nasty times when you miss your block
•Say Goodbye to Low Back Pain from javelin throwing!

5 Secrets to a Great Javelin Throw Competition
javelinthrowtechnique5 instant javelin secrets that you can apply to you very next competition! Learn how to beat the elements, how to maximize your energy going into a competition and preserve it during competition for 6 big throws!


!Warning! Don’t Make This Common Pre-Competition Mistake!
Here are the first lines of this article: “This is so important! This quick tip could easily be plugged into the bottom of another article but, it’s so important that it gets it’s own article!”

Have You Heard About _____ Training for Javelin Throwers?
javelinthrowtrainingThere’s a super easy way to train your body to help avoid injury and also re-instill the key points of javelin throwing through a fascinating mind-body connection!

The Ultimate Stretching Routine for Javelin throw Competitors.
javelinthrowstretchEvery tight spot in your body will finally get total relief after a hard throwing session. Discover 9 javelin stretches that will relax, lengthen and strengthen your muscles to promote huge javelin throws!

Pages: 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


The Elite Series Sequence Posters

The Sequence Posters are One of a Kind (Yes, They’re Real Posters). They Come with a Downloadable Full Manual & Report. Once You’ve reached this part of the site, you’ll be receiving exact thoughts and practices of Elite Javelin Throwers.


Have a Closer Look..


The Sequence Posters really are the only of their kind. They feature
the javelin throw motion from all four sides of a javelin thrower doing the right throwing
motion. Put them up on your wall and reference them because it is vital that you learn,
mimic and match your throwing motion to exactly what you see in these posters.

The positions in the posters are exactly what you see stretching out into the full throwing position. The
Secrets of this ultimate throwing position are in these posters. We’ve added additional
throwing manuals with coaching notes and massive pictures and diagrams to assure you learn
the elite javelin throw motion of world class throwers


The Elite Series is an advanced Javelin Throw Product Series.
Downloadable Training Manuals with full size pictures and diagrams, full size posters and more come with this series. The
Series was developed on the teachings of Jan Zelezny, Steve Backley, Seppo Raty and Gavin Lovegrove and Trevor Bradley.
Bradley spent years training and learning javelin throwing with the men’s Javelin Throw World Record Holder and alike.
There is no other source that goes this into depth online to date regarding how Jan Zelezny and his
fellow competitors figured out just how to throw the javelin just that far.



The Javelin Coach Section

The Javelin Coach Section is a separate section from the main members site. We offer Various coaching packages in this section for throwers.
Our javelin coach packs are perfect if you are just stuck on something and need some clarity and answers with regard to your javelin throw.
Lean in real time with a javelin coach that will actually explain exactly what to do with your personal javelin

All members of the main site receive discounts on all of our javelin coach packages.

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